Philly Jazz Guide: Top picks for live music around town in August

Clef Club Youth Big Band boasts a startlingly mature sound

“The Philadelphia Ambassador Big Band is one of the most authentically swinging, energetic and exciting big bands that I have ever played with, over the last 35 years. The rhythm section was cooking hard last night and ALL of the soloists played their butts off! The arrangements were excellent, by any standard, and the absolute joy and commitment that each player brought to the bandstand came through as pure FIRE.”

“This band of young cats (the average age being around 20) would rival any of the more established, well known bands that I've heard. I was astonished by the maturity of the soloists, the reading accuracy, interpretation and the overall understanding of the music displayed by these wonderful musicians. Jazz is in good hands.”

“They represent the very best of the current crop of jazz musicians who are stepping out and playing this music in Philly. Or anywhere, for that matter. They inspire me to practice more and get better. As it should be.”